Principals' Message

If you are planning for a year;
sow grain
If you are planning for a decade;
plant trees
If you are planning for a lifetime;
educate people

We at Radiance envisage quality education within a dynamic & interactive environment, focusing on the holistic development of young minds through experiential learning, skill development and engagement in community.
With focus on the development of key domains of Knowledge, Skills and .......


News & Event Updates

Events Of August 2015

Youth Conclave

26 th - 28 th Aug :- Inter School Event.

26 th Aug :- Progeny - Intractive Fiesta for Kids
27 th Aug :- Coherence - Literacy fest
Rhapsody - cultural fest
28 th Aug :- Petals - Environment Meet
E-Fiesta - Techno Meet
Events Of July 2015
04 th July - Inter House English Play & Western Song
1st winner - Satya House (Play)
1st winner -Dharm House (English Song)
16 July Inter House Events -
a. Eng Elocution (class VI - VIII) - 1st Shanti House
b. JAM Session (IX - XII) - 1st Shanti House
b. JAM Session (IX - XII) - 1st Satya House
c. PSA Quiz (IX - XII) - 1st Shanti House
20 th July - Eng & Hindi Elocution (Primary Section) class wise.
Look out for our next events-
a. Talent Hunt on 25th July, 2015
b. Rhythmic Elocution (Pre Nur - Prep)
c. Megh Utsav (Tree Plantation)
d. Inter House Chess & Cricket

Managers' Message

The 21st century life skills such as effective communication, analytical and application skills immensely assist learners in acquiring generic and higher order thinking skills. A robust, vibrant and holistic education must engender excellence in every sphere of human endeavour. The School is committed to provide quality education to promote intellectual, social and cultural vivacity among its learners by emphasizing upon articulation of values in explicit terms cutting across all subject curriculum thus providing insight...